Nettirachira, Nedumangad,Trivandrum,
Kerala, India

Reservation Desk: +91 472 2805050
Treatment Request : info@aayukshetram.com

Detoxification program
Minimum Duration: 7 days

Slimming Program
Minimum Duration: 28 days

Body purification program
Minimum Duration: 7 days

Rejuvenation Program
Minimum Duration: 7 days

Customized Program for more critical conditions
Minimum Duration: To be determined upon consultation

The detailed information about all treatments and programs can be downloaded from here.

All wellness packages include Ayurvedic treatments, physical therapies, on-site doctors's consultation, accommodation and meals (pure vegetarian). The service of pick-up or drop-off at the Trivandrum international airport is available upon request. The airport is about 25 km. away from us and Trivandrum city is about 20 km. away.

Each patient requires custom treatments and attention based on the health need or body condition. Hence, we recommend you to send us details of your health history, symptoms and present daily life/health routine in advance via email. This will help us prepare ahead of your arrival and enable us to provide proper care and attention to your healing requirements as soon as you are enrolled in the program. We would also require these details to furnish any inquiry on duration, cost or methods. We respect your need for privacy and hence, your health history/information will remain secure in the hands of the doctor and the management only.

Thank you for your interest and inquiry. We are grateful for the relational bonds we have already made with some of you. We look forward to exchange compassion and mutual contribution to our well-being, with some of you.