Rooms and Surroundings:

Aayukshetram is located about 20 kms from Thiruvanthapuram, the capital of God's own country - Kerala. It is surrounded with green vegetation, nature and a quiet neighborhood. The land in and around Aayukshetram nurtures coconut, mango, jackfruit and banana trees. Among other unique trees as well as many medicinal plants strewn on the campus, situated in the centre of the campus is the Bodhi tree - the tree with special historical significance. In the morning the prayer sounds from a temple and a mosque afar, are heard along with the sounds of birds, insects and nature. The special feature of the people in the neighborhood is the smile and peace on the face.

Aayukshetram is not a 5 star hotel/resort - it is a healing and wellness center and a home for us as well as the guests. The architecture and facility is modest, clean and ecologically friendly. We are housed by traditional Kerala style cottages & rooms, elegantly and mindfully built with ancient science that consciously integrates natural elements such as light, wind, space and aesthetics.

The place offers solitude, calm and an opportunity to observe the nature without & within. In the middle of the campus, is a pond which harvests the rain water and nurtures a lotus plant, medicinal plants as well as fish. This infinity shaped pond is an invitation to not only birds but us as well – a healing opportunity to surrender and attune to the free movements of the fish and the water.

There are both, natural air and air-conditioned rooms available. Rooms have basic facilities like beds, wardrobe, cupboard, platform, coffee table and chairs. We recommend guests to bring adapters/chargers or special plugs & cords to run computer or any other appliance.

Treatment Rooms:

The treatment rooms have windows and makes use of natural lights. Rooms are equipped with traditional-style wood massage tables, a stove, a steam box, chair and attached bathroom. We use gas powered heating to provide optimal heat for oils and medicine-mixes. Post treatment, bath is taken with natural well water and herbal mix. After the treatment to head, local Aayurvedic shampoo is used. Guests can also bring their preferred shampoo. We do requests guests to bring their own bath-robs and slippers if its usages is preferred post treatments. As the neighborhood receives good rain and sun, we also recommend to bring your own umbrella.

To support collaboration/oneness among Aayukshetram team and to nurture the ethics of devotional service or Karma without expectations, we request that post treatments, the tips/gift be given at the reception rather than to individual member of the team.

Oils and Medicinal Herbs:

All medicinal oils and herbs used at Aayukshetram are 100% natural & organic, and are purveyed by Vasudeva Vilasam group, who is a leading provider of Ayurvedic medicines and oils for over 100 years. We not only refrain usage of the mass-produced products, but also request custom-made medicine mix for special case/need of the patient. Some of the herbs are grown within the campus and are utilized for many treatments.

Sustainable Living

As we all have learned through present environmental and energy crisis, power/electricity is precious. It is a scarce and much needed resource in India. With frequent power outages, Aayukshetram at present, is compelled to use the Green Diesel power generation back up to serve the needs of the campus. While the plan to have the campus needs be supported by solar infrastructure is underway, we request your attention to keep your room-lights off during the day and minimize consumption of power. This request is driven by the present global environmental need. To learn more about this need, during the stay guests may watch online, socio-spiritual-environmentally conscious documentary films from across the globe.

Aayukshetram’s water need is quenched by underground water. Like power, clean water is also a precious resource. The campus harvests the rain water and also has a grey-water treatment plant, both of which are used to recycle this resource in proper way. We request your sensitivity towards not only the water usage but also towards draining of chemicals underground with laundry wash, cosmetics etc. Guests are encouraged to keep clean towels/sheets separate from used ones and inform the house-keeping team of any special instruction, in respect for the personal need or that of the environment.

Many of us have become aware of the problems regarding the waste dumping, collection or recycling, for which all of us global citizens ought to take responsibility for. We believe in mindful consumption and becoming aware in order to either reduce or reform the personal need. We request guests to consciously use the dustbin placed inside the room, and be mindful in purchasing/bringing products from outside, that uses unnatural materials or chemicals (e.g. plastic bottles/bags, cans, food/cosmetic packaging/labels with printed dyes.)

While the world community of all nations have taken action to reduce poverty and starvation across the globe, we wish to stay aware that we serve in the country where food is truly a very valuable resource for many fellow brothers and sisters. To refrain the wastage of food, we request guests to work with the doctor in order to assure the right amount required. Every meal is freshly prepared and the food is served on the stainless-steel plater, either in room or in the dining hall. Upon arrival or until the fine-tuning of diet is accomplished, the guests may request clean plates/bowls to reduce and return the amount that may be extra.

We are grateful to all guests who not only shares these beliefs but also furthers our vision of service and deepens our sensitivity towards life.

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