Aayukshetram (origin: Sanskrit ‘Aayu’ + ‘Kshetram’) means ‘Temple of Life’. It is a boutique Ayurvedic wellness and healing center, nestled by lush green beautiful hills on all sides. Away from the sounds of urban environment the place bestows absolute peace and tranquility upon all its habitants – the people, birds and animals. 

We are housed by traditional Kerala style cottages & rooms, elegantly and mindfully built with the ancient science which consciously integrates natural elements such as light, wind, space and aesthetics. The center provides in-house Ayurvedic treatment facilities and serves pure vegetarian cuisine cooked in traditional method, with love.

As expressed by previous guests, the ashram-like living, the solitude and tranquility allows each of us to look and listen within. The wellness programs are designed after discovering specific needs, purpose and possibilities from thorough assessment with the patient. Each patient is a person with specific need for healing and harmony among the body, mind and soul. 

Aayukshetram entrusts Vasudeva Vilasam Aryavaidyasala who works with the doctor and the team to design and provide treatments. Vasudeva Vilasam is a traditional name in Ayurvedic health care service since 1884, who also produce more than 500 Ayurvedic medicines and pure herbal formulations.